A Bad Ride / Good Guys (Just For Cyclists)

It is very, very rare that I’ll think on a day’s ride as bad. Today’s was a bad ride. Two punctures (Goring Heath and then Checkendon); bad decisions on my part in the light of them; cold; tired; annoyed and fed up.

Maybe Vredestein Ricorso tyres aren’t so good after all. I’d had high hopes for them and the feel of the ride with them has been good, but they don’t seem much of a match for the local flints.

About the only up-side to the day was that four different cyclists asked if I was OK or needed help or spares. It is pleasing to know that the sense of common cause I feel with other riders is shared quite widely. No-one just passed me by.

It should have ranked as a Full Hengistbury on the Hengistbury Scale*.

*The Hengistbury Scale.