A Nasty Thought For Nasty People

An off-road ride, in part to try out some new tyres. They were noticeably squirmy on road but that’s fair enough – they’re designed for mud. Unfortunately, the dirt off road was surprisingly hard and dry so it was no real test.

Yes, dry dirt in October. Climate change is all too real. I read in the news that some high profile American, previously a ‘climate change sceptic’ has apparently changed his mind in the light of recent data and research. I don’t care. I don’t even care enough to look up his name.

The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence says climate change is real. The media give an ludicrous amount of coverage to the tiny minority of voices who want to deny that. There is an awful lot of active disinformation and misinformation about what’s happening to the planet, aimed at sowing doubt. It’s identical in approach to the tobacco companies’ propaganda tactics once the link to lung cancer was proven. Such is extent of the greed some people are capable of. We should not be surprised at human nature.

No, that some American has changed his tune about climate change matters not one jot. All I hope, for the sake of justice, is that those orchestrating the dis- and mis-information, and those who repeat it, live long enough to see their grand children struggle with the consequences of an over-heating planet. A nasty thought, for nasty people.