A Rib Cage

The view from near Turville Heath

The perhaps surprisingly big view from near Turville Heath

A reasonable length ride and a quiet ride – not a lot happening, nothing much to pique the curiosity. Plenty of cyclists, not many pedestrians, and fewer cars than I’d have predicted for a weekend.

Two voles or shrews or something caught my eye. I don’t know what they were – they didn’t have the obvious tail of a rat. There were two separate occasions when little brown animals were scurrying on the side of the road when normally you’d not see any at all. Perhaps there was something about the weather conditions today. I have no idea. All it served to emphasise is the limited variety of mammals that you normally see.

Dropping down from Turville Heath to Stonor there was a rib cage on the side of the road. I was doing 30+ mph so I didn’t stop to look closely or photograph it. Perhaps it was somehow jettisoned from a butcher’s waste. I like to think it was all that was left after the carrion eaters had been doing their work on some road-kill, a small deer perhaps. There are plenty of Red Kites around there and, doubtless, foxes too.