A Two Rotherfields Walk (With Route)

Years of often painful trial and error tells me that when the temperature is below about 46F and there’s no brightness around so it’s on the raw side, the chances are high that cycling will trigger sinusitis – and that hurts.

So, today being largely grey and not overly warm, a good length walk beckoned instead.

Some six-and-a-bit miles around the region of the Rotherfields, this figure-of-eight route takes you through some really very pleasant folds in the land that you’ll just never discover if you’re not on foot. It’s not overly hilly, is quite well sign-posted – and The Maltsters at Rotherfield Greys is a great pub for lunch and a pint – as long as you take your boots off!

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From Pack and Prime lane

Folds in the land you’ll never otherwise see