A Weak Willed Idiot

Off-road with Charli again. An hour-and-a-half in the rain although, because of all the dry weather we’ve had for so long, it was never particularly muddy.

‘Bad weather’ is interesting. Of course it’s untrue to say “there’s no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing” – try telling that to anyone who’s been on the receiving end of seriously bad weather: the recent-tornado-hit unfortunates in the USA to name just a few. But, extreme weather aside, there’s a kernel of truth in it.

Today we could quite easily have stayed in. It was just starting to rain as we set off, and it was pretty obvious there was more on the way, and that it was likely to be heavier. So it proved … and it wasn’t a problem. You get a bit wet and dirty. Yeah – and?

And you also get to feel rain on your face; hear the sound of rain falling through beech woods that are in full leaf; smell fresh rain on tarmac; have what amounts to a quite different riding experience.

It’s tempting to think the issue hinges on why we go on about ‘bad weather’ when, by and large, it’s not ‘bad’ by any sensible measure. Of course the answer to that is simple: it’s popular parlance; it’s how weather forecasters talk. They’re wrong, but that’s how they describe anything vaguely inclement, and that’s how Joe and Josephine Average describes anything vaguely inclement.

So, the question then becomes, why am I so weak-willed that I can so easily, mindlessly, fall in line with such an inappropriate approach; why am I so pathetic that I let such a stupid approach dictate what I do. It took a definite mental effort to convince myself that going out today was the right thing to do. It shouldn’t be that difficult.