An Old Evans Fixie (Just For Cyclists)

A short-ish (and cold) ride today, on a fixie just for a change. It was lovely.

For winter I’ve an old (early 80s, I think) FW Evans touring fame (thanks to @Sparky249) which has been converted to a fixed wheel mainly using bits I had knocking around from that era – an SR chainset with a nice drilled black Sugino 44 chain ring for example. Having full mudguards on it makes it a good bet for bad weather and it has the kind of clearances that allow fatter tyres comfortably – for comfort. It’s simply nice to ride.

And old FW Evans

“I’m on an Evans”

The frame and forks are good old 531 and, well, that’s a tubing that deserves its amazingly high reputation. It might even have been built by the legendary Chas Roberts if this excerpt from the Evans Cycles web site is anything to go by:

‘In the seventies the frames were produced by frame manufacturer Chas Roberts, who had his original workshop in Croydon close to one of the early Evans Cycles stores. In many magazine articles from the seventies and eighties journalists would boast ‘I’m on an Evans’. The Evans bikes with their steel frames can still be seen around the U.K, a testament to their robust high quality.’

I guess I’m boasting about being ‘on an Evans’ now, over 30 years later.

I was advised recently to hang on to my old hi-fi as it has a better build quality than most of what you can buy these days. I rather suspect there’s a lot of good things about old bikes that we all too easily overlook too. Perhaps there are advantages to being older …