And Again, Again

With the temperature in the low 40s F and a horribly strong, cold easterly wind blowing, it was borderline stupid to go out for a ride today. I cycle, above all else, for pleasure.

As it was, while I was out the gusts appreciably strengthened and a few spots of rain appeared in the mix so I headed home on a shorter route through South Oxfordshire than I’d planned. A .75 on the Hengistbury Scale*.

Pigeons hunkered down on a kerb

All you can do is hunker down and wait.

Of course, it’s no big deal. I’ve a home with heating. I can afford the fuel bills. I don’t have to ride a bike. I don’t even have to go out in this weather much by any mode of transport: I work for myself from home. I am barely inconvenienced by it. I know there are – quite literally – innumerable ways in which I could be far worse off than I am, in relation to the weather and in the broader sense.

As always, the problem lies in the gulf between what you know intellectually and what you feel emotionally. If I can find anything interesting to glean from how this weather’s making me feel, it’s the need to focus on that gulf. Without understanding that, ‘know thyself’ is a very distant goal.

*The Hengistbury Scale.