And Again

Daffodils behind a fence

Spring feels forbidden

Another short-ish ride, just to get some miles in before the weather turns even more inhospitable again, just to get out while I can. The wind’s cold and from the east and this is shaping up to be about the coldest March in my lifetime. It’s certainly, already, the worst March for cycling that I can remember, the fewest miles ridden that I’ve ever recorded.

And there’s nothing to say. We’re in a kind of horrible stasis, locked-in by the weather. True, the days are longer and you can see nature reacting to the increasing light levels, despite the temperatures. A lot of birds are noticeably in pre-mating frisky / chase mode; there are some buds beginning to show; there are a few daffodils out.

All these signs of spring in nature are despite how it feels, not because of it.

The overall feeling is of an unwelcome stasis.

Appreciation where it’s due: after battling up to the top of Remenham Hill, I was very grateful to the Tardis (waste disposal) lorry driver who gave me plenty of room to turn off. It does make a difference.