Riding through Brightwell-cum-Sotwell today and, if appearances are anything to go by, the recession hasn’t touched it. It seems very ‘comfortable’. On a mid-week lunch time, the pub was busy enough with the retired and ‘ladies who lunch’ doing just that. Perhaps the bulk of the people there have made their money, salted it away sensibly and are more-or-less insulated from the down-turn; perhaps it’s an illusion and a case of ‘kippers and curtains’ for many residents. Appearances can be deceptive.

On that note, today’s route took me up the lane by the chalk-cut illusion of a chalk steeple near Watlington, created because someone thought a church would be better with a steeple when viewed from his house.

Visit Chilterns – Watlington

English eccentricity in a nutshell; I suppose it’s some sort of English vanity that makes me hope that I live in the only nation that’s as quirky. That said, it’s probably a bygone trait, eradicated by empty internationalism.