Applied Intelligence

The relentless chain of April showers continues. The wisdom is, ride out in to a headwind, back with a tailwind. Today, I could look west, where the rain’s coming from, and see a clear spell followed by shower clouds. So I set off heading east and got a good way towards Maidenhead before starting to loop around below Reading.

Photo: Shower clouds over South Oxfordshire

April Showers ...

By that time the clouds were piling up and sure enough I hit a shower near Shurlock Row but the smart thing was that I was riding in to it. That meant I was riding through it – and yay, it wasn’t long before I was in the dry again. OK, that meant riding into a headwind as I was heading home, complete with rain in the face, but that’s far better than riding for a long spell with a shower cloud following you, dumping on you.

OK, that’s not the greatest insight ever afforded to mankind, but I was pleased to have thought of it and even more pleased to have acted on it: going against conventional wisdom is never as easy as it ought to be.

Perhaps ‘conventional wisdom’ is a red herring of a juxtaposition; too much of what we do does no-one any favours. Well, no-one but those who profit from the status quo. Perhaps we should consider it akin to ‘sex and violence’ – a conjoining no more or less valid than ‘corruption and politics’ or ‘perversion and religion’.

If yesterday saw a mild but persistent case of the ‘if only’ blues, then why aren’t I celebrating my good fortune today? There should be an equivalent ‘didn’t I do well’ sense of satisfaction. Once again, I’m wholly unsure whether that’s just me or something more common. It seems easier to remember failures than successes, the bad than the good. But then again, perhaps writing about it is a mild celebration.