Be Thankful

A Shoemaker tree in Autumn

Autumn’s starting to look like autumn.

Surely, it’s a flaw in human nature that we all remember the exceptional far more vividly than the day-to-day; particularly so given that a lot of the day-to-day is OK – even positively good – but the unusually bad over-shadows it.

Today I was late getting out for a ride – work intervened. As a result I enjoyed the best bit of the day – the brightest, warmest couple of hours. If the day had worked out conversely and the delay had meant a ride in the worst part of the day then it would have been ‘natural’ to moan long and loud about it. As it is, I have had to consciously make an effort to appreciate my accidental good fortune.

And, as an added bonus, in the sun, the increasingly frequent signs of autumn were looking at their best.

If you like, it seems hard to count your blessings and that has to be wrong. Is it possible to learn a better attitude; is the attitude itself learned, taught? Do we live too much in the shadow of the general news agenda which only ever focuses on the bad? How do you turn off the news but remain responsible, informed and vigilant?