Big Round Numbers

My workhorse bike – the one I do most miles on and ride in any weather – is a first generation Bianchi Nerone. While out today it clicked over 15,000 miles on its odometer. I fully appreciate the daftness of getting in any way excited about round numbers. Sometimes, it’s nice to be daft.

Two thoughts came to mind about riding technique today. Firstly, dappled shade requires extra care. On a sunny day it’s easy to feel you can relax but the bright light of stronger sun can produce some deep shadows, and in deep shadows pot-holes and similar can lurk. I find dappled shade in particular can make it very difficult to see the road ahead clearly. It’s something to be aware of; it’s very easy to not pay quite as much attention as you should on a nice day.

Secondly, on a day like today, with a fairly strong wind in parts, be aware that your ability to hear what’s going on around you can be seriously hampered – and hearing is a very important sense when you’re on a bike. As with driving a car, cycling well and safely is all about anticipation, and you can often hear other vehicles before you see them. Again, it’s just something to be aware of: it’s a windy day so I’ll take extra care to look around me because I can’t hear what’s around me as well as I might.

A technique tip for all drivers: when overtaking cyclists make sure you give them enough room to swerve, or even fall off. You’re unlikely to be aware of the hazards they’re having to deal with – drain covers, holes and what-have-you. It’s the approach I take when I’m driving.