Blowing In The Wind

(Happy Birthday Bob.)

The wind’s strong again and persists in being so – not the 100 mile gusts they’ve had in Scotland and nothing like the tornado that’s just trashed a chunk of Missouri, but unseasonally strong. A local weather site reported a record-breaking sustained gust on Sunday. Climate change is evidenced by an increasing incidence of unusual weather events.

The choice of route was pretty well solely determined by the wind today – it was that strong. I plotted a careful meander around the lanes that meant most of the time I’d have a favourable or at least not too unfavourable crosswind, and most of the time I was heading into a headwind I was either in sheltering lanes with high hedges, or heading downhill. It would be all too easy to say a ride on a day like today was never going to be pleasurable but with some careful planning it was fine.

Out near Wallingford today I was treated to a really close-up view of a pair of Red Kites play-fighting (I guess), at a low level and positioned in relation to the sun so I could properly see their colours. Spectacular; it’s a pleasure to see them and heartening that they’re doing so well since their reintroduction.