Links Page Update: openDemocracy

The UK media is largely dire; a lot of the media around the rest of the world is heavily controlled one way or another. This site is a wholly different, free, source of information – informed, intelligent and thought-provoking – about the world we’re living in.


Links Page Update: Phil Cox

Phil Cox’s site and blog is excellent for anyone even vaguely keen on cycling. From insights and advice on riding LeJog to charity supporting to … Well, just visit it and see! Inspirational.

Phil Cox

Links Page Update: RadWagon

Links page update: From suggested routes expertly conveyed (with maps and video clips) to engaging polemic about all things cycling. Time spent on the RadWagon site isn’t time wasted.


Links Page Update: Clean Up Britain

Britain is covered in litter – from the smallest fag-end to the most blatant fly-tipping. The Clean Up Britain site is all about combating it; it’s also a sobering snapshot of the state of the country.

Clean Up Britain