Previously: Happiness In Chains~Voters On Bikes~Exploitation~Noticing~World Views~Wrong Again~To Be A Stranger~Appearances

Last year and I was enthusing about having a new chain on a bike – and also finding I didn’t need to replace everything else in the drive train. I was also thinking, a lot, about the voting power of cyclists and how we ought to use it collectively. Over the previous two years and I’ve seen Tour de France winners and grubby politicians grabbing their coat-tails; I’ve witnessed a Kestrel having a dust bath and hoped more people would grasp the importance of an observant life; I’ve called to have selected politicians to better represent the people and I’ve been wrong about the colour to be found in the English countryside; I’ve longed for the eyes of a stranger and I’ve wondered about appearances and English eccentricity.

(Finding) Happiness In Chains
Voters On Bikes
Did I Notice?
World Views
Wrong Again
To Be A Stranger

Previously: Sack The Ignorant~Make Your Own Mind Up~Wild Speculation~A Golden Age~Satisfaction~Consequences~Cycling’s Ethnic Make-Up

Cycling on hot days last year – and thinking about sacking the ignorant who want bigger airports, and making your own mind up being a key to happiness – not meeting warm weather with fear and panic. Looking back at this week in the two years previous, the topics that have come up range from some wild speculations (just for fun) and thoughts on the need to capitalise on cycling’s golden age; the satisfaction of not playing to idiots met on the road, the pleasure of cycling being inconsequential, and the importance of cycling’s ethnic mix.

Sack The Ignorant
Make Your Own Mind Up
Wild Speculation
A Golden Age
The Real Satisfaction
The Consequences
Cycling’s Ethnic Make-Up

Previously: Enjoying Inequality~When The Law Doesn’t Work~Olympic Evils~ Go West~ Exotica Near Henley~ Being Happy With Crumbs~ Off-Road Trophies~A Sense Of Place

This week last year I was enjoying inequality and wondering about its consquences; and it was clear that the law doesn’t work and that we should be trying to fix it. Just two years ago, the OIympic torch parades and heart attacks are both once-in-a-lifetime events; there were sights to see west of Reading and orchids on the verge near Henley and I was thinking about crumbs and how easy it is to buy politicians. Back in 2011, scratches and mud are everyone’s off-road trophies; and I was thinking about the erosion of a sense of place.

Enjoying Inequality
When The Law Doesn’t Work
Olympic Evils
Go West
Exotica Near Henley
Being Happy With Crumbs
Off-Road Trophies
A Sense Of Place

Previously: Sweating and Moaning~Money Talking~Rose Tints~Rain~Wild Mammals~Tips For Wet Rides~Water~Riding~Head Or Body~Ending In Tears

Summer 2013 was being perfectly foul and I was sweating and moaning; and American Independence Day saw me thiking about how far America’s drifted from its noble, hopeful founding ideals as money talks so loudly there. This time in 2012: a rose-tinted view was possible, a wet summer was disappointing; I might be wrong about wild mammals, and some tips for wet weather riding. The year before I was pondering why water smells so nice; even a ride for riding’s sake is OK; the distinction between psychology or physiology was mildly vexing, and more cyclists meant more accidents.

Sweating And Moaning
Money Talking
Rose Tinted: Is It So Wrong?
Rain. Never Mind.
Wrong Again?
Your Mantra (Wet Weather Riding For Cyclists)
The Smell Of Water
Riding For Riding’s Sake
The Head Or The Body
It Will All End In Tears

Previously: De-humanization~Never Before~Gifts~Colour and Death~ Civilized?~Adventure!~Breezy~Sum Of Parts~Imagination

This time last year and motorway driving demonstrated how de-humanization is all too real. And never before had I seen so many bees dying, nor considering the legitimacy of killing government officials .

The year before, a West Indian cyclist prompted thoughts about gifts; I realised red poppies in fields are a positive; I suspected we are fools for not lynching bankers; I was getting nostalgic for adventure; and I found myself cycling in unseasonal wind.

And in 2011, and it seemed to me that we need to more actively remember that we’re all part of society and society is the sum of its parts; and the absence of imagination on the part of shop keepers, and on the part of young men, was all too obvious.

Never Before
Colour and Death
Fools, or Civilized?
A Tad Breezy
The Sum Of Its Parts
An Absence of Imagination

Previously: Hi Viz~Learn From Mother~No Insults~A Dozen Kites~Greater Reading List~Up On The Top~A Rib Cage~Lumpy

Last year, an old man was dressed in a hi viz vest for just a walk along a lane, and that has to be wrong. Instincts were on display in the animal world – and perhaps on the road too. And being a ‘fair weather cyclist’ shouldn’t be an insult. Two years ago and I was treated to the spectacular sight of a dozen Red Kites; riding around Reading again involved witnessing the work to build a better bomb and I failed to get in touch with my ancestors on the Ridgeway; and there was a rib cage in the road. The year before, and a week in Cornish hills emphasised the importance of cycling to me.

Hi Viz Indictment
Learn From Mother
No Insults
A Dozen Kites
Greater Reading List
Up On The Top
A Rib Cage
There’s Lumpy And There’s Lumpy