It’s a Bank Holiday, it’s Good Friday. There were several religionists out knocking on doors in a couple of the villages I rode through today, visibly of that persuasion that thinks knocking on doors to talk about their idea of God is a good thing. I couldn’t help but think about how many of the people they were calling on would see that mid-morning intrusion as anything but a good thing. A day without work, a morning to spend lazing, interrupted for no good reason.

Even if you aggregate all the people who actively participate in all the religions in Britain, religionists as a whole are still in a minority, let alone just one sub-division. The arrogance underlying that willingness to disturb people is unlikely to be a positive thing.

Grave stones and the certainyy of death

And talking of certainties …

Holes in the ozone layer are in the news again, and the weather continues to be pleasantly – but totally unseasonably – hot. Talking about certainties, I often find myself wondering about whether it’s worth worrying about climate change, or whether it’s so inevitable it’s just too late to care.

Plenty of cyclists were out – all seemingly in a good mood so there were numerous cheery greetings and acknowledgements. The horse riders I passed were also happy souls today. I always advocate caution with horses. If you’re coming at them from in front then by-and-large that’s OK; you can at least see if it’s skittish and act accordingly. Approaching them from behind, I’ll always call out from a fair way back so I don’t just suddenly arrive by their side and potentially frighten them. Just a friendly ‘morning’ or whatever will do. You’ll find it’s appreciated by pretty well all riders. It’s a crowded island we live on; we all have to share it sensibly. Consideration isn’t so difficult.