Closed Circles

A bank holiday weekend and a ride around the roads of Berkshire … and where’s everyone gone? Sonning was empty. The lanes in the general direction of the Walthams were quiet. Even Henley, normally one of those honey-pot destinations on a day like today, was quieter than I’d have expected. There were some people milling around by the river but not that many; there were some traffic queues but not as bad as many a weekday.

Presumably, people have left these shores for holidays in warmer climes. That’s not surprising – last year was a washout and this year’s shaping up to be the same. I’m no sun-worshipper and even I’m craving a few consistently warm days. But it means the circle’s closed: lousy weather leads to more flights abroad which leads to more CO2 – and air travel’s particularly bad for emissions – and so climate change, which is causing the lousy British weather, accelerates. Hey ho.