Contemplating Change

And the very cold, strong easterly wind persists, dictating a short and fairly joyless bike ride of the ‘ugh, I need to get out for a bit’ variety, rather than out of any positive desire.

Presumably, the weather will eventually change. The medium range forecasts are for warmer – and inevitably wetter – days ahead, with winds from the west. Once that happens, the last few weeks will be promptly filed away as just another aberration in the ever erratic UK weather, even though all the signs are that this is more than just a freakish event, that this is yet another in the chain of ever more frequent disruptions to the world’s weather, that it is yet another harbinger of climate change.

Perhaps it is simply too difficult, and too challenging, to contemplate change on a massive scale in all its implications.

I don’t know what the job of governments and international bodies such as the UN should be when faced with an issue like this. How do you avoid creating fear and panic, while at the same time prompting action on the scale that’s needed?

Or, perhaps it’s too late anyway.

Windsock billowing in an easterly wind

And this is when there isn’t a gust