Yes, there has been a distinct absence of bike riding going on. On the night of the 3rd April I stumbled and fell down the stairs: nothing broken but a badly bruised and sprained ankle and foot. It’s getting better, but it’s a slow process. Perhaps a ride this weekend will be possible – I can only wait and see.

The commonsense reality of there being no point hurrying it or I’ll only make it worse and more drawn-out, does nothing to cheer me up. The fact that since I fell there have been some decent cycling days, among the very few this year, decidedly brings me down.

As well as this post, I’ve just put a ‘Previously’ entry on line, which looks back at this week in 2012 and 2011. In 2011 I was made aware of just how long I’ve been keen on cycling – 36 (now 38) years.

Thirty Six Years: Good Grief!

I’ve been unable to ride at all for just a few days and I’m a not a happy bunny; being unable to ride at all, permanently, is quite a horrible thing to contemplate. In a way so typical of human nature, it’s taken falling down the stairs to make me properly realise just how much I value riding a bike. I’m not sure I’d urge all cyclists to fall down the stairs, but I would urge appreciating how much pleasure it brings. You never know when you might no longer be able to.