Your guess is as good as mine about the rain

Your guess as to what happens next is as good as mine.

Today was another day of trying to dodge showers and second-guessing when the next downpour was going to happen, while riding the lanes of South Oxfordshire.

It’s not ‘a bit of rain’ that’s the problem; the issue is that of late, when it has rained, it’s been slinging it down.

It was all too reminiscent of April showers; back in April I was talking about playing ‘rain cloud roulette’.

For whatever reason, today I found that repetition vaguely depressing, wearying.

I don’t know if we could cope with constant change; if we lived in such a way – I guess it would mean constantly travelling around the globe – such that we weren’t subject to the same repetition inherent in the cyclical. Are humans in any way innately tied to the seasonal? I have no idea, nor whether – if we are – whether it’s feasible or desirable to overcome it.