Cycling In Cornwall

Looe, lost in thick cloud

Yes, the top of the road is lost in sopping cloud

A few summer days in south east Cornwall. We can offer you ludicrously steep roads – no fun up or down. We can offer you scarily narrow lanes – barely one vehicle wide and no room at all if you meet anything coming around a blind bend, of which there are plenty. We can also offer you lethal main roads – wider than country lanes but not wide enough for a car to overtake a bike without going across the white line: recipes for disaster if there’s anything oncoming and the one behind’s going too fast to slow down enough. And the chances are that whatever happens you’ll have nowhere to bail out to, as most roads, minor or major, are lined with high hedges with stone cores.

And we can offer you rain – that uniquely soaking south west variety.

Photo: “Yes, the top of the road is lost in sopping cloud”