Did I Notice?

Sparrows have dust baths. Maybe other little birds do too though I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Today, I saw a Kestrel having a dust bath, on the edge of a lane near Henley.

A few days ago I was able to stop in a lane near Caversham just a few feet away from where another Kestrel was hovering, to witness its superb flying control close-up. I confess I found myself smiling just because I was seeing something so impressive.

In the previous few months I’m sure I’ve been seeing more Kestrels than in other years … but perhaps that’s only a by-product of my conscious effort to be more observant. I’m entirely sure I’d have noticed if I’d stumbled upon one taking a dust bath before now, but there’s this nagging doubt about all the things I might have passed by.

Regrets, as ever, are pointless; perhaps the best I can do is hope to notice more from now on, and hope anyone who reads this will take up the same approach, perhaps earlier in life than I have. I think my experience – that a more observant life is a more enjoyable life – will be true for others. Curiosity is enriching.