Feeling tired on the bike after (for me) a fair bit of walking yesterday, the trip today wasn’t helped by a strong gusty wind either.

It is quite salutary to realise you’re not that different from a toddler getting tired and having tantrums. I was tired today and stuff was irritating. There were some walkers strolling down the middle of a lane, wandering left and right and just making it impossible to predict where they were going. There was a horse with a middle aged female rider coming towards me, further along the same lane, and she was having real trouble controlling it, and glaring at me as if it was my fault. There was a lot of traffic hurrying about and it seemed like it was the start of the Christmas frenzy, an annual event which is – if we’re to be honest –pathetic. Too much of ‘the festive season’ is just a grossly distorted misery fest for huge numbers of people, justified by ‘it’s Christmas’ when that’s scant justification for anything at all.

It was all inconsequential and I know most days I’d have barely noticed it. Today it was irritating because I was tired.

Riding down Rokeby Lane, there are police signs appealing for witnesses to a ‘serious sexual assault’. Just a few days ago a 15 year old girl was raped near there. There’s such a huge and jarring dissonance between me enjoying my ride, the nearby golfers, the people around and about presumably all reasonably happy, and that event. It’s hard to square the two but I know it has to be squared. It has to be squared, but not at the expense of the magnitude of the crime.