Dodging The Consequences

Thick hail in a puddle in autumn

Hail. Thick, cold hail. I can be hardy; I can be stoic.

Climate change; global warming; climate disruption – call it what you will. The future looks like it will be challenging. Let’s all hope that ‘challenging’ isn’t a euphemism for something far worse.

That may well be a pious hope.

A proper cloud-burst over the higher ground north of Reading, complete with localised flooding and some serious hail in Sonning Common, and you can’t help but think the future might well be bleak, on the basis of the changing climate alone.

It’s not a noble thought, but I can’t help but suspect I should be actively glad I’m not any younger: the truly grim future may not be far off, but might be just far off enough for me to dodge the worst consequences.