Dripping and Salty

And just like that, it’s now unseasonably hot. After the unusually cold and the unusually dry, we get the unusually hot. And still no-one seems alarmed … which is perhaps odd. Perhaps we’re all fatalists.

Perhaps it just demonstrates how selfish we all are at root: yes, I can see climate change is a problem and I’ll go the extra mile and recycle an extra cardboard box, but don’t expect me to actually change anything significant. Don’t ask me to give up breeding or foreign holidays or driving everywhere or … or … or …

The first red poppy of the year

The first red poppy of 2012

Hot weather changes things: there were Red Kites flying higher today than they have been for a while, turning gently in big lazy loops, and there were Buzzards slowly circling even higher; even the crows mobbing the lower-flying Kites didn’t seem that fussed.

The swifts chasing insects in the lanes below Woodcote weren’t flying as fast as they often do; the blackbirds and the unidentified LBJs* criss-crossing between hedges didn’t have any urgency either.

Nor could I muster any speed, in the long plod up the hill to Woodcote itself. It’s fair to say I was dripping at the top and salty by the time I arrived home: not exactly delightful but it’s not a problem – just drink a lot during and after and enjoy being out.

In fact cycling is one of the few things I’m happy and relieved to be doing on a really hot day; as long as you keep moving it’s fine and even warm air passing over you is cooling when the temperature’s nudging 80F. When you stop, get indoors and guzzle and you’ll be all the better for the ride and none the worse for sweating.

As with any other weather, the trick is to get on with it and enjoy it for what it is and don’t fall for the notions of good and bad – it’s all just weather.

The hot weather doesn’t just bring about changes in animals: there’s a little more colour appearing in the vegetation now – more yellows, more blues and a lone red poppy made an appearance today too. I think it’s true to say that the more I look, the more I see. Noticing the things around you does make being alive more satisfying.

(*little brown jobs)

Germander Speedwell

Germander Speedwell