Exercise It

A short ride with Charli. Attentive longer-term readers will have noticed that I’ve not mentioned Charli recently. In brief, she’s had a routine, elective and successful operation that has, however, laid her low for a while.

During the course of it all, she ended up with some fluid on the lungs. As a result, when first out of hospital, even going up some stairs would make her alarmingly breathless. That improved quite quickly. What was quite a shock now was to find that some just slightly strenuous exercise – a very gentle incline taken at a gentle pace – left her gasping for air again.

Needless to say, we modified our plans and did a very short and easy ‘rehab’ ride. We suspect it will be the first of several, to gradually get her breathing back to what it was. That’s all fine and positive in the big scheme of things – Charli will recover.

The take-away from the experience, the real eye-opener for both of us, was how capable we in fact both are in normal day-to-day life and how hideous it is to not be fit enough to do anything even mildly strenuous.

Witnessing someone being so breathless on my part, and experiencing it for Charli, has been a powerful reminder to us both, to appreciate what we can (normally) do and to keep on using that ability regularly, to keep it functioning well. Look after your body. It benefits from exercise, so exercise it.