Falling Off

A sanity-preserving ride off road with Charli – sanity-preserving because we’re both horrendously busy and it’s too easy to feel overwhelmed, with an awful lot of demands piling up now and queuing up to pile up for the coming weeks. It’s counter-intuitive, but sometimes it’s best to just take a break from it, so that’s what we did.

And Charli fell off.

As is so often the case in of life, the thought of something – in this instance falling off a bike – is, generally, far worse than the reality. I’ve fallen off a few times since I’ve been riding again – always off road – and, thankfully, never ended up with more than bruising and minor cuts. Charli’s the same. This time around, after misjudging a steep uphill section with some awkward tree roots making a bend trickier than it might be, Charli ended up stranded on her back in a large bramble bush. That it was a large bush meant it was a springy landing. That it was a bramble bush meant she was thoroughly prickled. Lycra ain’t no match for brambles. Scratches, prickles and a bruise from a pedal on her shin and that was it.

Mind you, she’d have struggled to get up if I hadn’t been there to lend a hand and that could have been a little bit more painful. And it must be said that nature’s defences are very impressive: she’s been picking little thorns out of her arms and legs ever since. But no, on the whole it’s all no big deal, and once again we’re back in the territory of our fears and worries and apprehensions being far worse than they need be, and seriously impinging on your happiness. I can readily imagine plenty of people being put off from giving riding a go if they knew they were going to fall off at some point, just as we get put off from going out in the wind and rain. That’s just human nature, but the reality is that falling off is no big deal most of the time and if it happens to turn out a bit worse than that then at least you’ve been living life in the meantime.

And talking of taking breaks, next week I’ll be in south Devon for a few days – new cycling territory!