Just a short spin on a fixed wheel today, pretty well for the sake of it and I needn’t have bothered because it rained, and in that unpleasantly cold and heavy way typical of an April shower. It’s a shame it’s June.

It transpired that that was the only shower we had locally, and I just had to pick that time to be out. That is galling. Making wrong choices of your own free will always is. I suspect it’s always the case that your own mistakes are more annoying than those of others that you might be victim of.

If I heard the news correctly, there’s one of those not-that-uncommon naked cycle ride protests in Portsmouth today, in itself part of the World Naked Bike Ride movement. I have no idea whether they’re a successful form of protest or not, and no, I’m not joining in. I don’t even constitute a pleasant spectacle with my clothes on.

I hope and suspect they’re pushing on a bit of an open door at the moment, in that I’m told sales of car accessories are being outstripped by sales of cycle accessories in the UK at the moment – a retailing development that was being touted as a significant indicator of times changing; a reflection of the costs of motoring, the realities of congestion and so on.

But anyway. The thing about the naked cycle ride was that the news report was pegged not on the protest but on some local church group, trying to get the police to ban it. Their problem wasn’t the protest as such, but that it was to be a naked protest. Just what their mind-set must be, to have that much trouble with nudity, strikes me as perverse. They must have quite a curious outlook on the world and, indeed, themselves. I rather strongly suspect that anyone riding a bike naked is going to look anything other than erotic, sexual or sensual, let alone pornographic, whoever they may be. So, quite what the church-goers’ discomfort is engendered by I just don’t know. I think in circumstances like this, it’s appropriate to be grateful if you can’t imagine how someone might be thinking, how warped someone is.

Of course, as is so often the way, if the church goers hadn’t been objecting then the media wouldn’t have covered it at all, so the naked bike riders must be grateful – here’s hoping the ride achieves something, if only in a small way. It all counts.