Gender Equality Made Real

A cold and fairly strong south-easterly wind, but the sun was out and it was warmer than it’s been most days of late so a ride was simply irresistible. It was enjoyable enough but, that said, riding now is ample proof that time on a turbo-trainer over winter is no substitute for the real thing. Anyway …

As we all know, the cliché of the bloke in the vehicle, picking his nose seemingly oblivious to the world’s gaze, is all too real. Today I couldn’t help but register a woman (middle aged, in a green Peugeot, approaching a roundabout joining the A4) doing just the same, and with some gusto.

With that experience fresh in mind, near Wargrave I was witness to a woman in a “onesie”. Some might say that’s bad enough, but this was no ordinary adult romper-suit-by-another-name, strictly to be worn in private. Oh no, this was a very bold all-over-print Union Jack onesie … and she was wearing it outside.
Yer average bloke is supposedly oblivious to his fashion faux pas. Women, on the other hand, always were supposed to be far more self-aware than dumb ol’ men. Times, it seems, have changed.
For better or worse, one suspects this is all evidence of gender equality as it transpires in the ugly real world.

There are times when you have a camera to hand and get the photo you want; times when you have a camera but miss the moment. There are times when you wish you had a camera but haven’t brought one along. And there are times when you don’t have a camera with you nor wish that you did.