Getting Emotional

The turbo-trainer blues … If I’m bored then I’m not going to inflict that boredom on anyone else. At present, new entries in ‘Codgertation’ are appearing less often than I’m to be found pumping away on an indoor trainer to try and keep vaguely fit.

Charli and I, just four weeks ago, were saying we must make more of an effort to ride through the winter. Now temperatures are hovering just above freezing, those have proved very hollow words. There comes a point when it just isn’t pleasurable.

It’s endurable; if I had to cycle to work or something I still would be … but that isn’t the same as doing something purely out of choice.

I’ve been wondering about, and experimenting with, the best kind of music to be listening to (in headphones) while working up a sweat on the turbo-trainer. Something like Fluke works very well in that it’s intelligent music that gives you something to actively listen to; it’s compelling and largely ‘up’; but it’s interesting that it didn’t really engage me – it didn’t take my mind off what I was doing. It’s emotionally neutral.

On the other hand, selected on an ‘I’ve not heard that for yonks, let’s try it’ whim as it caught my eye on the shelf, the Eurythmics’ ‘Savage’ did prove absorbing. It’s an album comprised largely of programmed samples and drum loops, so it’s electronic in nature and thus, arguably, akin to Fluke, but the often dark, obsessive lyrics take it – and thus me – somewhere else entirely.

And that must be a simple but effective lesson in the power of even vicarious emotion.