Good Rubber (Just For Cyclists)

A South Oxon ride on Monday was reasonable for the most part, but part-blighted by two punctures – both caused by shards of flint. They used to make tools out of flint for a reason, sure, but I’ve had a very bad run of various Schwalbe tyres getting badly cut and often puncturing in the last few weeks – far more than I’d expect, even given the appalling weather and appalling roads.

So, since then I’ve re-shod my ‘workhorse’ Bianchi Nerone with some Michelin Pro4 Endurance tyres that I had in the garage.

(As for why they were in my garage: the saga is related here.)

Today it was a case of a ride on much the same lanes as Monday – and not only did I not pick up a puncture, the tyres aren’t even showing a cut.

I know that’s not scientific, I know there are any number of small variations between today’s ride and Monday’s. However, that’s as close a direct comparison as an ordinary user can make; it bears out my earlier experience with the Pro4’s predecessor, the Krylions … and all I can say is that I feel a fool for not putting them on the bike earlier. If you’re on a road bike and you’re puncturing a lot, you might find it worth your while trying them.