On some rides there seems to be an unusual amount of gore on the roads. This time of year seems particularly prone to it – with young rabbits and young squirrels the frequent victims. There’s always an upside – judging from what I saw today in the lanes of Berkshire and South Oxon, it’s a good year for carrion feeders like Rooks and Red Kites. Some of the rabbits you see on verges look blind and/or ill; I don’t know if myxomatosis is still about.

I know they’re not carrion feeders, but I also saw three Kestrels near Fifield today. It’s unusual to see so many.

Going back some decades and when I used to do a bit of time trialling, I can remember trying very hard, feeling a bit yuk as a result and having that borderline nausea quite definitely exacerbated by having to ride over or by the gore of squashed animals on the road side. As I recall, the old ‘10’ course near Abingdon was especially grim for that. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.