Green Melancholy?

By and large it’s too early still for rich autumn colour, at least around Berkshire where I was riding today. And by and large any variety of colour’s gone from the countryside again. Outside of a few garden plants, mostly it’s all gone green. Probably the brightest natural things I saw today were cock pheasants strutting their stuff.

Chairs stacked up outside, as autumn approaches

Sometimes, all you can do is shut up shop and hope to survive the lean months.

Is this time of year melancholy? Certainly, there are reasons to be blue … it’s ‘shut up shop’ time for nature as well as a lot of businesses.

Autumn hues are all very well but what you’re seeing is the end of the season – nature hunkering down for low light levels and the cold.

It’s getting cooler already and whatever the good intentions, it’s much harder to find the motivation to get out when the temperature’s lower – and that’s a disinclination that’s only exacerbated with the pervading dampness and autumn winds.

I read the other day that the sea temperature around the UK this year is about the same as it is around Greenland. This is not normal. It could be a tough few months ahead. Maybe it’s a sign of even bigger changes to come. All we can do is wait and see.

Perhaps it’s good to be reminded that all we can do is wait and see, that in the big scheme of things it’s all too common to see human dreams at best frustrated, more often just evaporated. I don’t know if we need delusions of omnipotence for our mental well-being.