Bulbs on a verge just coming throuigh


Perhaps I’m soul-less. I can see new shoots pushing up from bulbs on verges and I know they’re harbingers of spring and it just doesn’t really touch me.

Intellectually, yes, I know what they symbolize. Emotionally, I could cycle by any number of them and it wouldn’t lift my heart one jot.

For Charli, for example, they’re significant: they genuinely cheer her up on a grey winter’s day. I think I’m envious of her, of that reaction in her; I’m certainly not sneering at it in any way.

I fear it’s back to that age-old question – nature versus nurture. I don’t know if Charli’s reaction is natural, innate, or learned; the same’s true of my lack of reaction – is that ‘just’ something I’ve learned? If it is learned, does that make it in any way somehow less valid? I say I fear that’s the question because I don’t know of any way of resolving it.