(Helping) Inadequate Males

Riding with Jim today, we were passed by one of those occasionally encountered idiot males, overtaking in a huff, cutting it too close to be sensible and doing so much faster than necessary. It doesn’t happen often but drivers like him are common enough to be a recognizable type.

My view is that I simply don’t care: it’s their problem, not mine. But what is it that’s their problem?

Well, the suspicion is that they’re struggling with their own inadequacy. Ask Charli and she’ll just say ‘small dick’ and to not beat around the bush, that’s a pretty common and one suspects fair assumption. I’ve heard a plenty of women echo it, and presumably they’re doing so from a position of practical experience.

That means there are all these inadequate drivers around, with their feelings of inadequacy made worse by the knowledge that the rest of the world is looking at them drive by or whatever and thinking ‘small dick’.

Of course, whatever they’re feel and know, they’d protest that that’s not the case and yes, maybe I’m wrong, Charli’s wrong and this is all a complete myth. So, the thought occurs, perhaps we should tackle this head on.

If a (male) driver is caught speeding and/or driving dangerously and/or driving carelessly, as well as whatever penalty the existing law is going to impose, let’s legislate to also publish their name, their photo and the size of their penis. Publication should be online in a nationally searchable public database and in the press local to where they live.

If they’re not inadequately endowed then, naturally, they’ll have no problem with this. And if they are then it can be looked upon as a) a further deterrent to bad driving and/or b) a tough but kind and necessary first step on the path to tackling their psychological flaws and helping them come to terms with their troubles. After all, the first step to recovery is acknowledging the problem. It’s a win-win suggestion.