Hurry! For No Reason, Hurry!

If there’s one type of weather that does genuinely hack me off the consistently grey day. Worse still is when you get a run of them. Today was stunningly dull and drab, with intermittent drizzle for good measure. It wasn’t cold but it wasn’t particularly mild. It had nothing much going for it at all.

After two days of not being able to ride and no prospect of being able to get it tomorrow either – there just aren’t enough hours in the week for everything – I was keen to get out today. My favourite time to ride is always in the morning – my body just works better – but this week being what it is, even that wasn’t possible.

So, a short afternoon spin it had to be – before dusk – which was prematurely early because of the low cloud. The only good thing about the day was the relative lack of wind, a welcome change after the last few weeks, so a ride on a fixed wheel was sensible enough … and that’s what I did.

It’s a long time since I’ve ridden a fixed, and about half way out I realised I was in real danger of getting caught by the fading light so it because a necessarily quick ride too … Hard going, with some tension inducing greasy roads as the drizzle started again for the last quarter of an hour, but as is nearly always the case, worth it. I simply can’t abide spending that long indoors. Getting out makes me feel better. It is that basic.

The thing that struck me today while I was out was how people – drivers – seem to hurry more the worse the weather is. As the light levels fell and the drizzle started up again, I would lay a fair amount of money on it being true that the general speed of traffic increased. That’s not the first time I’ve thought that, and I’ve thought it whilst driving too.

Of course, it makes no sense from any practical stand point – it’s not as if cars start leaking in the rain; it’s not as if there’s any sense in speeding up in bad weather for any other reason – in fact the reverse is true. Presumably it’s just human nature, which as we all know is notoriously useless. Perhaps it awakens some deep seated urge to get home, some need for the security of a destination reached in the face of ‘bad’ weather.