If Only (Again)

Some 27 miles ridden in decent enough weather – over to Henley, across to Knowl Hill and then the lanes thereabouts. Coming back in to Reading, the last three or four miles were in a properly heavy shower – bouncing up off the road, cars with wipers on double speed stuff.

It’s all too tempting to moan. If only I’d set out just a few minutes earlier, or gone a little bit quicker.

On the other hand, I got to smell that great smell that you only get with rain on roads and pavements that have been dry for a little while; I got to talk to a small and seemingly quite old Asian lady in a bus shelter near Sonning as I shared the shelter with her while the worst of it passed over; and I got to feel rain on my face – which is rather enjoyable once you stop thinking it’s terrible.

I don’t think it’s me; I think it’s a fairly common response to grumble about ‘bad luck’ and think ‘if only’. If that’s just human nature, perhaps the most interesting thing is that giving in to human nature isn’t an inherently positive thing.

Chairs lined up on the edge of a field

And if I’d gone a shorter route I wouldn’t have seen these chairs …