Ill Wind

Out for a decent length ride today,  in part on roads that you could reasonably expect to be busy – the A4 between Reading and Maidenhead for example – and the striking thing was how quiet it was. Of course there was traffic but there was far less of it than I’d ever have predicted.

I know,  I know – I’ve said about it before, and obviously there’s a trend here. A not at all surprising trend given the price of petrol.

What it made me realise is how true it is that it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

The recession, the depression, the ludicrous petrol costs – they’re all hurting a lot of people. I’m by no means immune, though I’m aware there are plenty of others who are struggling with it more than me. But it’s also, possibly, a bit of a golden age for cycling. Fewer vehicles and more people on bikes is all to the good for cyclists.

I passed two teams of people out litter-picking today.  It struck me as being so wrong that that’s a low paid job. The value that their work has is infinitely greater than any number of all those mis-sold ‘financial products’. We’ve been lied to and ripped off by the financial sector to such an extent it beggars belief. And it’s not just paper money; it’s real and it’s screwing up real lives.

We’re told pay reflects scarcity. It seems to me there an endless supply of dishonest scumbags willing to rip people off, and they’re being paid handsomely for it. Why they should be paid anything at all just underlines how collectively stupid we all are. That there are so many of them rather disproves the pay reflects scarcity argument too. Besides, surely it would be better to have pay that reflected an individual’s value to society.