Imagined Impotence?

It seems churlish to complain about nice weather after all the moaning I’ve been doing, but it’s not a thing to celebrate, not in the big scheme of things. If it’s not unseasonably cold it’s unseasonably hot. The explanation that climate change means, day to day, not a wildly different world but a world seeing unusual weather ‘events’ more often, and a slow, creeping change over the long term, rings all too true.

A friend’s just come back from a week skiing in the Alps and he was saying the weather there is fluctuating wildly. He’s not someone I’d call particularly ‘in tune’ with nature and he’s certainly no left-leaning ‘green’. For him to be saying it’s worrying is a good measure of how askew things are getting.

What to do about it is the moot point; ‘about it’ or in the light of it. From the mundane to the global, how to act is the hard part.

I was genuinely hacked off today, riding around the so-called Royal County and seeing so much neglect – the roads are rotting and the ditches and verges are strewn with rubbish, from the deliberately dumped piles of tyres to the carelessly slung fast-food trash. Fine, so it’s annoying or depressing or both … now what?

Whether about the planet’s climate or the local rubbish, am I / are the majority of us too passive? Or is it a very vain day-dream to imagine that anyone can make a difference? Or is our impotence imagined, what anyone who benefits from the current situation wants us to think, so we don’t all challenge the status quo?