In Praise Of Michelin (Just For Cyclists)

(The weather’s back to being foully cold and windy, so it’s back on the turbo-trainer yet again. This is getting tedious.)

Longer-standing readers will know I’ve sung the praises of Michelin Krylion tyres in the past. As last year wore on and their quality became obvious, I a) learned that they were no longer being made and b) as a result hunted around and bought a pair for the future.

Fast forward to November/December and I picked up a couple of back wheel punctures, thought perhaps the tyre’s getting a bit worn now, and so went to put one of the new ones on.

Not a chance.

I’m in my 50s. I’ve been changing tyres and inner tubes for a good few years now. I know some are tight fits. I quickly came to suspect that the second set of Krylions I’d bought weren’t usable. They just would not go on the rim.

I left it a while, made sure the tyres were warm and I was feeling patient and tried again. No way. They were just too tight to get on – whichever wheel/rim I tried.

Having convinced myself it wasn’t me, I contacted Michelin. After some correspondence I sent them back, and I’m very pleased to say that I now have a pair of Pro 4 Endurance tyres by way of replacements, and Michelin have kept my unusable Krylions for further testing.

You might say that’s all they should have done and perhaps that’s so. What I would say is that that’s still good customer service in my book.