Summer is over! It feels like I’ve not worried about rain for ages … today getting a soaking was back on the agenda.

Rain Clouds

I’m not going to worry about you and your mates raining on me

There were ‘Met Office Weather Warnings’ for rain, and there were ‘Met Office Weather Warnings’ for gusty winds and it’s very easy to suspect their unstated aim is to ensure we’re all infantalized by the whole approach they take – and thus end up dependent on them. They wouldn’t be the first institution to take that approach.

And the worse thing is, it’s very easy to let this attitude creep under your defences and start infecting your own outlook. Today I rode around for a while worried about getting wet. I mean … for pity’s sake. If I get wet I’ll go home and I’ll dry off. I’ll perhaps have to oil-up some bits of the bike. Nothing about it would be a big deal. UK Rain is very rarely life-threatening.

So, after about 15 miles of keeping a wary eye on the clouds as if it’s going to be a disaster if I get caught out … I finally came to my senses, and spent the next 20 miles feeling all the happier for it. And, of course, absolutely nothing weather-related happened that merited any kind of warning.

I can only recommend making your own mind up as a key factor in your own happiness.