Knackered Clichés And Worse

Up on the Downs again with Charli. A farmer up on one of the hills waved as he went about ploughing a large, rolling field, all the time followed by gulls.

Gulls following a tractor as a field's ploughed in Autumn

Farmer, ploughing, gulls: tired, uninspired, uninspiring yet nevertheless somehow pleasing.

Gulls and the plough – it was a classic, clichéd image; that doesn’t make it any the less true or valid.

The trouble with much that we’re over-familiar with is that we become inured to it. A clichéd rural scene just ends up being a tad boring. Becoming inured to child-molesting priests, bent policemen, greedy bankers, corrupt politicians, rapacious corporations and all the rest of it – that’s far, far more dangerous.

These might not be thoughts befitting a ride on the Ridgeway; they are thoughts appropriate to the truth about Hillsborough finally being officially acknowledged.

It’s interesting to ponder, too, whether you can become over-familiar with your own lot in life, no matter how good or otherwise that might be. Familiarity dulls; that is in itself something we’re inured to.