Leaves In The Face

It was blowing a proper autumnal wind today, but it’s unseasonally mild at the same time. If nothing else, it makes dressing appropriately for a bike ride next to impossible. For some reason, today it really jumped out at me that all the ponds I went past – Hurst and elsewhere – are low. Is that unseasonal too? I don’t know.

If you think about it for even just a moment, if nothing else it’s very odd to be living with this spectre of climate change.

Leaves in the face can hurt. What a wonderful thing to be able to write. That’s how strong the wind was.

A properly strong wind, particularly now the air is that much thicker, means it’s all the more important to plan the route sensibly – both in terms of out into the wind and back with it behind you, and with regard to ‘is that a particularly open stretch of road’ or ‘does that stretch have good hedges to provide protection’, and so on. I sometimes find riding the same area for so much of the year tedious; at other times having good local knowledge is a real asset.

I was tired again today but perhaps that’s not surprising. Yesterday was a bad day of sinus problems and headaches and all the associated probably useless but who wants to risk it medications that go with that, followed by a bad and partially sleepless night for the same reason.

It’s hard to know how these things make you feel after the event; hard to be properly in touch with your body.