Lights On Bright Days (Just For Cyclists)

I’ve ridden with LED lights in daylight before, but generally only on murky days. However, I’m adopting them all year round now.

LED Light on a bike

Flashing for safety

No, I haven’t suddenly decided cycling’s a terribly risky thing to do. It’s simply because the other day I was out cycling, I was going down a lane that was partly in shade, partly in bright sun, and I didn’t see a cyclist coming up the road.

There wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t even a near-miss – it was plenty wide enough for the two of us – but I didn’t see him until we were almost level. I was genuinely shocked … and I’d say that by being out in the open I had far better visibility in those circumstances than someone in a car.

Hence the new attitude to lights (Knogs, if you’re interested), and today’s ride was the first with them. Pleasingly, the experience I’ve had before with riding with them – by and large you get given a wider berth – remains true even on decent days. All the observations I had about them last October are still true.

So, no, I don’t subscribe to the view that cycling’s some terribly dangerous way of getting around that requires as many ‘safety aids’ as possible: I think a lot of that attitude arises to assuage the consciences of drivers and those that make and enforce the rules for drivers. But I don’t mind applying some (for me new-found) common-sense to my own visibility.