Meaningless Riot Verbiage

The riots … so over-analysed, by people with such obvious agendas, that it all just becomes a kind of white noise. Blah blah blah. You know that nothing meaningful is being said because it’s the same tedious people saying it, on the same platforms, to the same audiences. I suspect there’s far more meaning to be gleaned from the ordinary people taking to the streets to clean things up themselves than there is from anything a mainstream media pundit spouts or from any politician’s utterances. As I thought yesterday, so I think today: we need real leaders and deep-seated change. We’re a long way from getting either. Even if there is some sensible comment being made, the call to action is totally absent. Even the angry voices are merely angry.

The local media were pathetic: quite obviously trying to inflate bog-standard crime into ‘disorder’. I presume there were a lot of reporters feeling like they’d missed out by not being where the action was. Pathetic, and irresponsible for the impact their bogus tales have on their audience.

I don’t think I’ll add yet more to all the verbiage that’s being hung on the peg of ‘the riots’ by all these talking heads. It’s not company I want to keep.

Today was windy. I must have talked about thick and thin air before. At least in summer the air isn’t so thick, even if it’s blowing hard. The rooks in the fields were doing that wonderful thing they do of taking off, rising up just a little and then sliding side-ways at low levels, giving the appearance at least of being in full control. Skidding on air.

A car came towards me today, window down as it was warm, woman driver, and carried on by me. All very ordinary. As I rode along, going where this car had just been, the stench of perfume was everywhere. This is outside. This is on a windy day. This continued for several hundred yards. That’s the second time I’ve experienced this in recent weeks. Don’t these women have any friends?