Measuring Moods

After four days of it being just a bit too cold to be enjoyable, it was hard work to get back on a bike today. Yes, it was milder weather but it was damp and dull with the sky that grim uniform grey that seems to settle in on some days and just oppress everything. It’s easy to imagine all the animals that you see around feeling similarly dragged down by it; they seem to have that air.

That oppressive uniform grey sky

That uniform grey …

And that’s an important lesson if ever there was one: it’s too easy to impose one’s own mood, one’s own interpretation, on what you seen around. For all I know all the animals I saw were rejoicing at it being not so cold. And yes, I know anthropomorphism is stupid anyway. The point is, that’s true of interpreting the moods and feelings of other people too. It is very easy to get it wrong.

Everyone else aside then, for me the day’s grey sky was oppressive to such an extent that it is mood changing; it brings me down. What I’d like to somehow be able to measure is the extent of that ‘down’.

To generalise out from that, it would be very interesting to know the extent to which all types of weather and all aspects of the weather and the seasons, cause mood changes – collective and individual.

I had a perfectly reasonable ride today, just a short-ish spin around Sonning Common, Harpsden, Shiplake and so on, part off-road, and it did nothing to make me feel good. Was that just the way I happened to be today? Was that the weather (which is what I’m blaming)? Was it something else entirely? One should ask these questions, at least be aware of them, even if the chances of an answer are slim.