Mis-sold Optimism

There was heavy rain last night and more of the same forecast’s for the 24th, so today was an attempt to make the most of it and get a ride in.

This was a mistake.

I was surprised to find low-lying, very cold fog spreading across the fields and lanes the further north I headed. I knew the roads would be filthy and flint-strewn but I still somehow imagined they wouldn’t be that bad. I didn’t expect the subsequent puncture even though it was a perfectly logical outcome. If I picked out five flint shards then I picked out a dozen. Only one of them had gone through, but one’s enough.

The sun’s now low enough to the horizon to not warm anything appreciably, even if the sky might be clear – as it was today. It means there’s little recovery from a deluge; nothing bounces back with the shot of life the sun imparts at other times of year. It means optimism is ill-founded.

That optimism can be ill-founded is fine; that it feels wrong that it should be so is just a testament to the power and pervasiveness of the positivism industry – because industry is what it is. It’s a foul corruption of reality on any number levels. Things don’t always turn out well.

 ‘Sick Life’ graffiti.

The question is, did the person who wrote this do so with a positive or negative intent