Mood Altering Experiences

Just a short-ish flat ride taking in the Walthams, a ‘leg-turner’ while I can amidst the normal end of year compaction of too many activities into too short a time frame.

It is, of course, wholly self-inflicted and unnecessary, and probably counter productive: it is supposed to be a time of ‘good cheer’ and all that, but there’s an awful lot of visible and obvious unhappiness caused just by the fact of it. And that’s no great revelation, but still we collectively keep on keeping on with it. Such is life. And the same could be said about many holidays.

Getting out on a bike for a while is a mood-altering experience, just as much as, say, alcohol. I don’t know if that’s the exercise or the fact of being out.

The results of drinking alcohol seem to vary: some people get belligerent, some laid-back, some loquacious and so on. I suspect getting out for a ride (whether it’s the fact of getting out or the fact of taking some exercise) is more reliably positive in its consequences.