More Reasons To Be Cheerful

I have to admit I probably wouldn’t have gone out riding today if it weren’t for the forecast being for much lower temperatures for the rest of the week. As it was, the wind was colder and much stronger than I’d anticipated – side-on gusts to take the front wheel away and a headwind to sap the strongest legs.

During today’s ride (taking in the hills around Henley) I saw the first snowdrops of the year – at least for me. I don’t think I’m happy with how I’m thinking about this question of harbingers of spring, that I started pondering the last time out.

The first snowdrops

All together now, ahhh.

If they’re not significant to me, then why am I even registering them as I ride by? Is my conscious ‘bloody snowdrops mean nothing, spring’s still yonks away, it’s freezing and I’m fed up with winter’ way of thinking just an intellectual overlay on top of a more fundamental, innate response that is picking up on these first signs of spring and finding them positive, whatever my conscious reaction – posturing – might be?