One trouble with Making The Most Of It is when do you stop? Another problem is whether you can.

With a forecast for a week of proper, heavy, unpredictable April showers – much needed but a right pain – I should have gone out for a long, long ride to make the most of the dry day. It sounds laughably melodramatic but there was a sense of having to make the most of it, an urgency, a feeling of being under pressure. The trouble is, work intervened and I ended up doing a short stint on a fixed wheel, squeezed in to the day’s schedule.

Photo: A fixed wheel back wheel with a half-link chain

Fixed Wheel: the half-link chain makes a difference

It was OK, if surprisingly cold. Very annoyingly, I found I had to fight the urge to be resentful that I couldn’t do more to make the most of it. The only proper response was to be pleased that I could do something. I suppose my resentment boils down to greed – I had some free time and my first instinct, rather than being pleased about it, was to want more.

There’s no two ways about it, greed is ugly. I’m not pleased that that’s how I found myself thinking.

I ended up not really thinking about anything else or noticing much going on around the lanes, apart from an abundance of pheasants and blackbirds, all of which seem to have a death wish.

The blackbirds’ willingness to dice with death, by flying out just in front of cars and cyclists alike, at least has a hefty dash of bravery and daring; pheasants merely seem cursed to risk all by dint of their stupidity as they stroll out on to roads without the ability the realise that motor vehicles aren’t forgiving. They often appear not that dissimilar to those slightly confused old ladies you can find wandering around most market towns.

Antropomorphism may be stupid but it’s a very powerful inclination.